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May Favorites

We’ve already covered that May came and went without saying a proper hello, so we won’t hash that out again. Needless to say, it’s Favorites time again. And I have some good ones for you! In May I stumbled upon 2 new YouTube channels that have helped rekindle my waning food/diet/wellness motivation. Just like everyone, […]


Portland, Granola, and Sea Foam Green… Oh my!

Good morning lovelies. My instinct tells me to start this off with the cliche “where did May go?”, but I am in fact sitting here quite perplexed at the thought of it being June already. I’m genuinely not okay with the fact that a whole month went by without me being conscious of it. I […]


Minimalism – The Great Downsize

As the years have gone by, I’ve become less and less tolerant of clutter. If you’ve been to my house recently, you might try to call my bluff. But hey, I am not responsible for for the clutter of those with whom I live. I do purge every so often, usually at the same time […]