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Hello! I’m Whitney and this is my home for all things food and life.

Current Favorites

I thought about doing a monthly favorites a while back but didn’t really have enough to merit a full post. Since I’ve been out of the monthly habit, I thought perhaps I would change the concept to Current Favorites. It won’t be every month, just as I compile a viable list of goodies to share.…

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We have moved! We are officially residents of Seattle! I probably don’t have to tell you, but the last 2 months have been a bit chaotic. We’ve been wrapping things up at work, trying to sell the house, getting moved… you know the process. But we are here and marginally settled. And LOVING IT! I…

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A little update

Hello blog world. Life moves along too quickly sometimes, and before I know it I’m weeks behind on things I intended to do. But c’est la vie. Let’s update you on a few things. 3 big things: We are moving to Seattle! and We went to Rome, Italy! and I’m training to become a loctician!…

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Hello everyone. Already this year has not started as I hoped it would. I began the year with hope, optimism, and a whole lot of motivation and good intentions. I was going to observe Veganuary, a whole month of strict veganism. I was going to try a 3 month No Spend Challenge. I was going…

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No Spend Challenge

It’s so hard in today’s world to avoid materialism, impulse buying, instant gratification, and all of those monetary pit falls. Advertising is abundant, selling you all sorts of things you don’t need and may not even want. But those adds sure are convincing. And Social Media platforms are making other people’s lives so much more…

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Ready or Not!

It is time, ready or not (that’s me not ready) to start a new project. I’ve been hinting at this for a while, but now it’s official and public. I’m starting a YouTube channel! I’m very excited to announce that I am launching a YouTube channel in conjunction with this blog. It will feature the…

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My day + Real Talk

Ok, popcorn was probably not the best idea after a trip to the dentist… Before I dive into what is likely to become a rather lengthy post, I thought I’d give you a heads up of what it will contain. That way, you can save yourself the time if it’s not something you’re interested in.…

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November Favorites

Wow that month went by quickly. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was flying to Seattle for the Passenger concert? Hmm, time flies when you’re having fun and traveling. For some reason this transition between summer and winter has been hell on my skin. My face can’t seem to figure it’s shit out and it’s been…

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