A little update

Hello blog world.

Life moves along too quickly sometimes, and before I know it I’m weeks behind on things I intended to do. But c’est la vie. Let’s update you on a few things.

3 big things:

We are moving to Seattle!


We went to Rome, Italy!


I’m training to become a loctician! (i.e. I can make and maintain dreadlocks!)

If you follow me on socials, or Youtube, you probably know some of these things. But if not, let me catch you up.

At the end of March, give or take, the hubs accepted a job offer with Amazon Web Services in Seattle. Which obviously means we are moving. It is exciting, and a little bittersweet. I love Seattle, as you know, but I am not quite ready to leave my current job. Pat’s very excited about the new adventure and opportunities that await him. As am I, just a little hesitant to start the job search.

Our last day at our current jobs will be June 7th, and he starts the new job on June 17th. So we have some time still to get things put together and moved. Our house is on the market (we put it up the day after we got the offer), but we haven’t had any showings yet. If we can’t sell, we will rent. Either way works for us really. Obviously we are going to downsize (1700 sq. ft. home to a 400+ sq. ft. apartment…) so we are trying to sell some of the furniture we purchased when we moved into our current home 9 months ago. We are also trying to find a home for the dog we adopted back at Christmas. We are taking Sora, our black lab, with us since she has been with us for so long now. We’d feel awful sending her to a new family. But we can’t justify having two medium sized dogs in a tiny apartment.

Luckily Amazon is incredible when it comes to relocating. They are sending us people to pack our stuff and move it, they are sending us people to help haul off garbage and donations, they are flying us up to Seattle for a few days of apartment hunting, and the list goes on. So it does relieve a lot of the stress of moving and transitioning. They even have career and job search help for me if needed. However, the timing of some of these things might get a bit disjointed; I’d like to know what my new apartment is going to look like before I decide what is coming with and what isn’t. But oh well.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

At the end of the day, I really am beyond excited for the opportunity to move to my favorite city, and be near to my dear friends. I even have 2 cousins up in that area, so it will be great to spend some time with them as well. We will be right in the downtown area, so I will be able to grocery shop at Pike Market and frequent all of my favorite little cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. It’s going to be magical!

Shortly after the Seattle news broke, we went on our Honeymoon to Rome, Italy! We knew we were going to take this trip, but I honestly didn’t actually plan anything until 5 weeks before departure. It worked out well though. We flew out on a Saturday and came home the following Friday. We had a full 4 days on the ground, and it was just enough time to see everything we wanted at a leisurely pace.

I’m planning a full Youtube series with all of the details, so be sure to head over there to see everything. The 2 biggest highlights for us were the food tour we took on the last day, and seeing inside St. Peter’s Basilica. But we really didn’t have a bad experience with anything. It was a very enjoyable trip, and I’m already looking forward to travelling to more of Italy.

It may be a hot minute before I get those videos up though, because as soon as we got back I started training to become a loctician. The loctician who installed and maintains my dreadlocks conducts one-on-one training courses, usually for licensed cosmetologists interested in the skill. However he graciously agreed to take me through the training so that I have the ability to maintain my own hair once we move, and so that I can share my growing passion for dreadlocks with others as a side gig. I am currently spending all of my spare time doing my “homework”, which consists of finishing 2 heads of dreads including extensions. I finished the first head in one week, but this second week hasn’t been as productive, so we will see how it goes. I’ve even started a second Instagram account specifically for dreadlocks and my work as a loctician, so if you are interested please check it out!

Once I finish the second head, I will sit down and work through the footage from Rome and get that posted.

I know a lot of people thought I was insane to get dreadlocks originally, especially 9 months before my wedding. But I felt strongly that it was right for me. 14 months in, I am certain I made the right decision. And now that I am learning to make and maintain them, my passion is only growing. I think some people in my life would say I am a creative person, or that I’ve always been a creative person. I have to admit that adulthood has definitely put a damper on my sense of creativity and my confidence in my abilities. What I once viewed as modesty has proven itself to actually be insecurity. I have the temperament of a creative soul, but I don’t exercise that creativity much at all. So on the occasion that I try my hand at something creative, the result always seems elementary and sloppy. All this is to say that I hope being a loctician will help me dust off and stretch out my creative muscles, and in turn build a renewed sense of confidence.

I recognized the lack of creative endeavor in my life, and that was part of my motivation for blogging and YouTube. But stepping out and trying those things has terrified me, often in a crippling way. I haven’t been consistent, I’ve made a lot of excuses, and haven’t given everything my full effort. I’ve focused on what I need to do these things successfully – equipment, time, etc., instead of just doing it. This hasn’t built much confidence, experience, or success. But our move to Seattle has me in an interesting and exciting position to be able to purposefully evaluate what I want to do with my time and effort, and then pursue it. I’ve never faced these types of decisions with much grace, to be honest. I’m the kind of person who has never known exactly what I want to pursue with the kind of singularity I feel is often expected of me. I don’t even have a general direction in which to stumble. I’m better with process of elimination; I don’t know what I want, but I sure know what I don’t. But hopefully being in a larger metropolitan area will bring an expanded market of opportunity, and if I’m structured with my time I should be able to expand on all of the creative endeavors I’ve started and start conditioning my creative muscles.

Anyway, it is an interesting season of change and exploration, and it will be interesting to see where everything goes. I’m excited for the possibilities and adventure, and to be able to share these things with you.



Currently listening to: Echos – a new artist I’ve been digging recently.

Currently reading: Garment of Shadows by Laurie R. King. Also thinking of re-reading Catch-22 in anticipation of the new Hulu mini-series coming out next month!

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