Hello everyone.

Already this year has not started as I hoped it would. I began the year with hope, optimism, and a whole lot of motivation and good intentions. I was going to observe Veganuary, a whole month of strict veganism. I was going to try a 3 month No Spend Challenge. I was going to start a YouTube channel and post a video with accompanying blog post weekly. I was going to do 30 Days of Yoga and meditation.

I was going to do a lot of things.

However, nothing has gone to plan. While I have done better at being vegan, it hasn’t been a perfect month. I ran out of half my essentials this month and Pat needed a plethora of things himself, so No Spend in January kind of went down the drain. I did start a YouTube channel, but I’ve only managed 2 videos so far. I made it 3 days into daily yoga, and have now completed maybe 6-7 days of practice to date. And while I know these were all ambitious things, and I can’t expect perfection out of myself, it’s been very discouraging to admit this much failure.

So here’s the deal. Things at work (my day job) have escalated in the last 2 weeks, and while this shouldn’t be the end of all other things, it is definitely going to be very taxing on me mentally and emotionally for the foreseeable future. Which means some of my expectations of myself need to be adjusted accordingly, for the sake of taking care of myself and ensuring I have the best of myself to give in every area.

Obviously I will continue to be mindful of what I eat and how I take care of my mind and body, through plant based eating, yoga, and meditation. But I’m not going to set any goals outside of just taking care of myself as needed. And I am going to strive to be more mindful in my spending, with our trip to Rome in mind as motivation to save rather than spend. This is a good lifestyle and mindset to cultivate, regardless.

I’ve already had the stark reality check of realizing what I do not know and what I need to learn when it comes to YouTube. So rather than set a strict goal of weekly videos, which will inevitably cause me extra stress and anxiety, I’m going to focus on utilizing the resources available to me to learn the skills needed for this type of endeavor. I realize that practice makes perfect, so I will still upload videos as I practice and hone my skills. But I can’t have YouTube being an added source of stress right now, otherwise I will burn out and it won’t succeed. Eventually I will be able to focus more on this project and set a consistent schedule for myself, but right now I need to focus on taking care of myself outside of work.

I have also tried to be consistent in my blog posts ever since I started it. My goal has always been to post weekly, and for the most part I have stuck with that. I hope to be somewhat consistent in blogging going through this season of stress, but I cannot guarantee anything. I can guarantee that I will likely post more on my blog than on YouTube, so keep an eye out for updates and new content.

Again, my primary focus right now is self-care. My overall level of stress and anxiety have been steadily increasing over the last 2 weeks as certain situations at work have developed, and I’m starting to feel the effects of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job very much and it is very fulfilling for me. The work I do is important and at the end of the day what I do allows our staff to help and care for patients at end of life. That’s a big deal. But in order to do my job to the best of my ability, I need to make self-care a priority.

I just wanted to let you all know this, so you know what you can expect in the near future. I’m not giving up on any of these dreams and goals, but am just trying to be realistic with the current situation.




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