August Favorites

I really enjoyed August this year. It was a bit crazy, what with us moving. But I did enjoy the process and the excitement of moving into a new home. I allowed myself the full month to get moved and focus on setting up house. Since we moved so little furniture, we had to refurnish and redecorate almost from scratch. Our couch is going to be delivered next week and then we are basically done. It feels like home already.

My goal was to start the last of the wedding planning on September 1st. And I was adamant about having the rest of August free from the stress of that. Things were going great and then all of a sudden it was September and now it’s a week in and I’m a little dizzy from the transition. But while it means I need to get on top of the remaining to-dos, it also means that all of my beloved people will be here in less than a month. And I can’t wait for that.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorites from the last month.

  1. Gregory Alan Isakov – I had a random song of his pop up on one of my Spotify playlists and loved it. I figured I’d check out the rest of his stuff and I fully fell in love. And when I went to pull the link for his website, I noticed he has a new album out the day before the wedding!
  2. The Financial Diet – I’ve been perusing their videos for a while and really enjoy most of them. I think what first impressed me is how well spoken Chelsea is. Something about that sort of thing really hooks me. Anyway, she has a lot of great content and plenty of wisdom to pass along.
  3. West Elm Linens – As promised, when we moved we purchased a new bed. We upsized, so I needed to buy new sheets. I had previously purchased the West Elm linen duvet cover in midnight for our queen bed and loved it. So I decided to splurge a little and get a full linen sheet set. I purchased their Flax Linen sheets in white and their Linen Melange quilt in slate. So far I am really enjoying them. And our bed is magical!
  4. Avocado Toast – This isn’t new to me, in case you’re wondering. But the avocados available to me have been exceptionally good recently and I’m on an end of summer kick. I use Dave’s Killer Blues Bread, a little honey mustard, a whole avocado, topped with salt, pepper, oregano, and occasionally some sliced tomatoes. I’ve had this almost daily for a few weeks now. And I am in fact eating it right now for dinner.
  5. Houseplants – When we moved, I had 0 house plants. One month in and I already have 9. Most of them are succulents, and 2 of them were gifts. They are all doing very well and fill my little heart with joy! Our home is very neutral in color, and the green of plants adds a splash of color and a vibrancy to the space. I’ve heard it said, but have been really surprised at how the plants add a certain sense of life to our space.
  6. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream – I bought the baby version of this just to try because my eyes are so weirdly sensitive, but I’m for sure going to be purchasing the full size… you know, when I run out of the smaller tube. Which may not be for the rest of the year. This tiny 0.3oz tube is lasting me forever! And I love the product itself. It smells like heaven and works so well to reduce dark circles and puffiness. I highly recommend the 100% Pure brand but this little gem is on their best sellers list for a reason! (also will be doing a blog soon just reviewing their products).
  7. Ravensburger Jigsaw puzzles – This brand is my favorite because the quality is amazing. I’m currently working on this one. It’s a personal favorite, and the only puzzle that came with us when we moved. After the wedding I’m thinking of trying to find a table I can stash in one of the guest rooms specifically for puzzles. Which means I will need to order more… And it is my goal to one day complete their 40,320 piece Memorable Disney Moments puzzle. Ultimate goals, ya’ll.

Well that’s about it for August. September will no doubt be filled all things fall, but that’s for next month’s favorites blog.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



Currently eating: Homemade vegan pumpkin bars. Recipe to come?

Currently watching: So You Think You Can Dance season 15.



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