Minimalism – The Great Downsize

As the years have gone by, I’ve become less and less tolerant of clutter. If you’ve been to my house recently, you might try to call my bluff. But hey, I am not responsible for for the clutter of those with whom I live. I do purge every so often, usually at the same time as a solid deep house clean. Don’t know why, but those urges seem to strike simultaneously. I’ve been deep cleaning this weekend and am thus in the mood to get ride of all the extra unnecessary stuff.

Part of the inspiration recently has been due to us going through the design process for our house. As I’ve mentioned recently we are looking to relocate closer to work, which has primarily consisted of building a house. We have been considering purchasing, but we really have our hearts set on building. More so since the design for our house has come together. And after taking a half day on Friday to meet with the interior designer to pick out preliminary materials (counter tops, cabinets, flooring, tile, etc.), and receiving the official blueprints, we are getting really excited about the whole thing.

One thing we’ve talked a lot about is the downsizing that will have to happen. We currently live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage home that’s approximately 1400 square feet. The house we are designing is 936 square feet with a single bed and bath. A lot of the furniture we currently have we got used or from family. We don’t have a lot, but we would like to sell/get rid of all of it and start over. I want a new bed, period. He wants a bigger one. So the one we have can go. We don’t have a couch, just 2 cushy leather armchairs. They are old and the color doesn’t match the new house aesthetic. We are thinking of getting a couch that can double as a bed if we happen to have guests. We also have a massive 6 seat dining room table, but at the new house we won’t need one or be able to fit one. We are just building a massive island with a bar set up.

We will also have no garage and minimal storage space at the new place. So we are evaluating all of the things we currently possess and determining what is important enough to come with and what needs to go. Part of the appeal of downsizing is that we don’t want to move it all. The less we have at move time, the less we have to haul down the road. But both of us have agreed that we have too much stuff. And most of what we have is really unnecessary. Of course I’m going a bit further and contemplating minimalism.

Minimalism is a philosophy and life style, not a strict set of rules and regulations. But I find the concept of less is more incredibly appealing, as well as the idea of having only things that bring you joy or fulfillment in life. As I get older, I am really trying to evaluate everything for its worth and keep things as simple as possible. Part of it is personal preference, and part of it is a conscious disillusion with the American (ok, 1st world) culture of consumerism. Don’t get me wrong, this girl enjoys shopping, and I finally caved and signed up for Amazon Prime (Yay! for free 2 day shipping!). But I know that possessions don’t bring happiness and I’ve had my fair share of impulsive purchase regrets. I’m staring at a few recent ones on my computer desk as I type. I’m just tired of having so many things.

So I am embracing minimalism, in whatever capacity it fits my life. And I’m downsizing accordingly.

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on the subject. My favorites so far are those that list out the things you should consider getting rid of – they are full of ideas that make sense but that I may not have specifically thought of; We are all guilty of holding on to things that don’t make sense. I’ve also been enjoying those that talk about things to stop buying. Jenny Mustard, who I talked about in my April Favorites post, is a good place to start if you’re looking for recommendations. But a simple Minimalism search will get you all sorts of goodness.

After I get this posted, I’m headed to a few other rooms in the house for a hard look at what I need and want, and what I don’t. Some things I am posting up on Facebook for local friends, but most of it I am going to put in boxes in the garage in anticipation of a massive garage sale in the near future. A few areas up for purge today are my vast DVD collection (we’re talking hundreds. I was a constant victim of the $5 bin at Walmart), our games and puzzles closet, and my bathroom and master closet.

In case you’re wondering, the only things not being downsized are my crock pot collection and my essential oils collection. 🙂



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