April Favorites

Isn’t it crazy that in today’s world you can make YouTube videos for a living? I’ve always been baffled by that concept. I follow a variety of YouTubers, and watch what I can in my down time. Several of them are makeup/beauty channels, which means they usually do a monthly favorites video where they highlight their favorite or most go-to products from the previous month. For beauty vloggers, it makes sense since they are trying so many new products all the time. I’ve always liked the idea of Monthly Favorites, but had only seen it in a product review way. But recently the clothing designer I follow did a spin on the Monthly Favorites by highlighting a variety of things including different medias, trends, other artists, concepts, and a travel destination that inspired her last month. It gave me the inspiration to do the same; use the concept but think more creatively and outside the box on what to cover.

So here are my April Favorites.

  • These Mercanti Fiorentini Leather String Tie Loafers. I got them in early April and have been wearing them almost every day. They are ridiculously comfortable and go with basically everything I own.
  • Jenny Mustard on all social media. I started with her YouTube channel and then followed her on Instagram. I haven’t yet had time to explore her blog or podcasts, but I’m hooked. She’s an adorable Swedish woman currently living in Berlin. Her YouTube channel is a Lifestyle one and she’s converting me to Minimalism. It’s making me even more excited for building and decorating a house. She’s got a super edgy modern style, I LOVE her makeup looks, and she’s Vegan to boot. Love. Love love love.
  • Tacos. I know, this is like a lifetime favorite for most of us. But for some reason I’ve had serious taco cravings all month long, and I frequently indulged. I think it’s a combination of the spring weather and the fact that Mission tortilla brand started making street taco sized corn tortillas. You know, the little baby ones? My favorite is a combo of sauteed bell peppers and re-fried beans, with guac and salsa on top. But we did check out a taco truck in town and I may have gotten some carne asada tacos. Mmmm!
  • Craft Lounge in Nampa, ID. I’ve been wanting to try this place since it opened in January just before my birthday. We even made birthday plans to visit, but they closed early that night and we all ended up fully engrossed in drinks and conversation around my kitchen table instead. I finally made it over to try this place when my girlfriend was in town a few weekends ago and it did not disappoint! Best gin and tonic of my life, no joke. They make their own tonic and ginger beer, though I wasn’t as impressed with the ginger beer. And they turned us on to Ransom Old Tom gin, which is now a favorite. I haven’t yet checked my liquor store for it, but my girlfriend found it at her local Seattle store. It’s aged in French oak wine barrels and is unbelievably delicious.
  • Which brings me to my next favorite: Gin. Gin has come back into my life this month. A few years ago gin happened to be around when I got sick (true story, it wasn’t the gin’s fault) and I have been avoiding it ever since. But after our trip to Craft Lounge, it is back in my life and I’m very happy for it. Outside of gin and tonics at Craft, I have been mixing it with ginger beer, lime, and cucumber at home. Light and refreshing as the weather quickly warms up.
  • Cacique Bralettes. I am rather busty and have been pining for the trendy bralette for years now. Finally my big girl store upped their game and now I can enjoy the comfort and cuteness myself! I’ve got 4 already…
  • Jade Bloom Spruce and Cedarwood Atlas oils. I got these in their monthly Collector’s Club box and the combination is used for grounding and stress relief, which was much needed this last month. I added the oils to a small glass spray bottle with distilled water, and have been spraying on my bed, myself, and using it as a general air freshener. It’s woody and earthy and really amazing.

We are hardly a week into May, but I’m already forming a list of favorites for this month, so I’m going to try to do a Monthly Favorites blog regularly. Let me know in the comments what you’re favorites or recommendations are from April. I’m always looking for new ideas, inspiration, and discoveries.



Currently watching: The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers. I started with the Hobbit trilogy a week ago and am halfway through the second trilogy. These movies/books are one of my top 5 lifetime favorites and are my go-to comfort movies when things are stressful.


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