Life Update

Oh hi.

Yes, I am aware it’s been nearly 2 months since my last post. I honestly don’t know how that time got away from me.

Actually, I was recently looking back at my work calendar from the last 8 months (since starting this blog) and what I saw definitely shed some light on the situation. My October, November, December calendars looked very minimalist and simple. Starting in January however, things have gotten exponentially more complicated and busy. My calendar for the last 3-4 months looks like chaos in technicolor. And if I sit down and take stock of what all is going on in my life right now, it makes a lot more sense why things like blogging have fallen to the wayside.

That said I have felt a bit guilty about not sticking to my initial goal of weekly posts.

Work, as usual, has been a roller coaster. To give you a brief rundown of the last 4 months: Within the first 2 weeks of the year it was announced that my boss was stepping down from his position and moving to another department. Luckily, his replacement had been with our department for a few months as a consultant, so that transition would likely be smooth. Or not. A few days later my boss had a sudden death in the family compounded by an emergency situation, so he was gone for the rest of the month. My new boss took over on February 1st and shortly thereafter we learned that his boss would be changing as well; She was handing the department over to our CEO, effective March 1st. So that ushered in further transition as we brought the CEO up to speed with the detailed inner workings of our department. In the midst of all of this, we received the 3rd phase of an external audit. This audit is something that has been in and out of our lives for the last year. The first phase began back in February/March of 2017. We got the second phase back in the fall, and now we are wrapping up the 3rd phase. It is time consuming and stressful, and it’s hard to prevent it from derailing everything else we do.

March 1st rolled around and the CEO took over our department. Within 2 weeks she informed us that part of the reason for the transition was because she was stepping down as CEO and starting a brand new company… and taking our whole department with her. This news was unexpected, exciting, and also stressful. And made for a lot to digest. Which is something I have realized about myself in recent months with all of the change. People have observed that I am usually hesitant to change. I don’t disagree with them, per se, but I’ve come to realize that it’s not that I am opposed to change; I actually find a great deal of value in it. It’s more a matter of how I process things. I need time to process and digest, and figure out how I feel and think about the change and all it entails. Once I’ve had time to work through this, I am usually on board with the change and am fully motivated to take it on. But dude, give me time to process.

Somehow all of April went by, seeped in audit blackout sessions, restructuring and revamping, 2-3 hour long meetings, brainstorming, and eating the elephant one bite at a time… And most days I just went home and tried to eat good, whole, plant based food (didn’t always go as planned…) and then crawled into bed and relaxed every part of myself. I’ve been re-watching favorite movies and TV shows, taking frequent showers, diffusing essential oils; new favorite combo is Spruce and Cedar for grounding and stress relief. So good. And otherwise just trying to balance my brain and emotions and remain sane. You have to take care of yourself.

Anyway, somehow April is over. And as a bright, shiny, sweet cherry on top of a multi-tiered cake, my boss resigned on Monday due to a family emergency. It happened very quickly and he was out of the office by lunchtime. We completely understand and support his decision; Family comes first. But man, after everything else in the last 4 months… It makes last year look like a cake walk.

In my spare time, I’m being reminded that I have 5 months until the wedding. 5 months!?!?! Which means it’s time to hash out all of the smaller details. I have the big things: date, venue and caterer, dress, photographer, officiant, grooms attire on order, etc. Now I’m facing centerpieces and decor, which is not my strength. I am working on makeup and hair, which got a bit more complicated in February when I got a full head of dreadlocks (see photo). Talk about a stylistic wrench. Oh well. And I’m also needing to figure out all of the tasks and to-dos that will need to happen day-of to make everything run smoothly, and delegate those tasks to willing and trustworthy individuals. It’s the little minute details, which are not something at which I excel.

Centerpieces are a particular issue right now. I’m being given many good ideas but I’ve still not come across something that I love and that really fits, despite my creative team and hours of Pinterest searching. At first I was thinking wine bottles with candles. Then I considered pumpkins with a floral arrangement as both isle decor and centerpieces, but then I got the quote from the florist and decided it wasn’t worth 10% of my overall budget. Various glass, candle, floral, and pumpkin suggestions and concepts have come my way, and while I don’t dislike any of them, I’m still not hooked on anything. Perhaps I should stop overthinking it and just pick something. I don’t know. Leave some ideas in the comments. I’m trying to find something simple, elegant, and super easy/cheap.

And if everything above isn’t weight enough, Pat wants to design and build a house. We’ve been commuting 45 minutes each way to work 5 days a week. Due to the various work changes and developments, we’ve decided to commit to our current positions for another 5+ years. This means it is logical for us to consider moving closer to work. This is a catch-22, as it will put us in a much more rural area and farther away from the cultural center that is Boise. It’s not unreachable, but we will definitely have to plan accordingly and be willing to drive an hour each way for proper date nights. On the flip side, we will have more time during the week to ourselves. We could theoretically be as close as 5 minutes away from work. With our current commute, we have very little time in the evenings for anything more than dinner, a single TV episode, and a shower.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited about the house we are planning. It’s 500 square feet smaller than our current home, which means some much needed downsizing will happen. The main feature of this house is accordion glass doors across half of the front of the house, opening from the kitchen/living room out onto a patio the same size as the house. And yes, we will have a full wet bar and pizza oven built in on the patio. We’re planning on a gas range, a fireplace, concrete counter tops in the kitchen, and a full walk in shower with rain shower head. And to top it all off, I’m promised a new mattress in the moving process! So so so SO excited for that. You have no idea.

The point of all of this is really to excuse my absence on the blog. I’ve been a bit preoccupied as you can tell. But I’m back and I’m going to try to be a bit more consistent in posting. With all of the craziness, I haven’t actually tried any new recipes. I’ve been eating rice and veggies with various seasonings, dressings, fixings, etc. We’ve been doing a lot of tacos and pizza, and there was a week or 2 in there that I fully fell off the plant based bandwagon and was unashamedly consuming fast food. My body thoroughly revolted and it took me some time to recover. And yet I’m sitting here eating veggie pizza as I type. The struggle is real.

But through everything I am learning to have grace with myself. To realize that sometimes staying sane and functioning requires a stash of very-much-not-vegan tiramisu on hand and plenty of alcohol options. Sometimes it means taking a hot shower and going to bed super early. Sometimes it requires picnic lunches because your office space doesn’t have windows and sunshine is life. And it definitely means taking plenty of yoga breaks throughout the day. Love yourself, have grace with yourself, and say no to the extra things and crawl into your introverted self and just be. And sometimes it means ignoring your blog. It’s called self care.



Currently drinking: Elysian Space Dust IPA… followed by a Guinness Blonde Lager.

Currently eating: Papa John’s veggie pizza… followed by cinnamon pull-apart bread.




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