Panem et Circenses – A definition

Panem Et Circenses.

Bread and Circuses.

The Latin phrase referring to the basic needs and desires of life: Food and Entertainment.

Call me a nerd, but in high school when I had to choose a language class I picked Latin. Though considered dead, it is the base for all of the romance languages. I figured it would help me understand the fundamentals of language in general and allow future languages to come easier. I also didn’t want to be cliché and take French or Spanish. German and Japanese were also offered, but Latin seemed the more interesting choice. Despite graduating with no serious grasp of the language, it is still a favorite of mine.

Originally, the phrase was in reference to the means used by government to appease the masses and remain in control. I’m using it in a more passive sense to encompass the things in life that make life worth living. I think too often we get caught up in the daily routines and to-do lists, and we forget to take a moment to appreciate and wonder at life. While I agree it’s not always rainbows and sunshine, I believe there is always something worth appreciating.

Panem – Bread – Food

One place I desperately want to visit is Italy. From what I’ve heard and read, their culture and outlook on life match very well with mine. And let’s be honest: Pasta. In America, our fast paced lifestyles have birthed the empire of fast food and convenience. We are either too busy or too tired to make home cooked healthy meals, let alone take an hour or more to sit and enjoy it. When was the last time you sat down to a homemade meal with friends, family, or loved ones and took more than 30 minutes to savor the food, conversation, and company? I struggle to remember. And I think that’s a shame. Food is good and we could all use more time to slow down and really experience it. Just because food is a basic necessity in life doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be extraordinary.

I’m great at savoring amazing food, but I don’t sit down with other people and share the experience in the moment as often as I would like. My fiancé and I eat very different things, and we are usually watching TV or sitting at our computer desks when we eat. In this relationship I don’t worry too much because we utilize other times to converse and build our relationship. But we also don’t have friends over or go out with them very often, and I frequently wish we had a more developed social circle. I find that the older I get, the harder it is to coordinate face-to-face time with the people I want in my life. Most of my established “people” live out of state, and even texts or calls become infrequent because life is busy. Despite the convenience technology provides, genuine and consistent relationships seem harder and harder to develop and maintain. Our depth of relationship with and understanding of the people in our lives is in my mind one of the most important things for an enriched and happy life, and I think we would all benefit from turning some of our focus back onto cultivating those relationships. And hey, if food is necessary to survive, you might as well do it while eating. Am I right?

Circensus – Circuses – Entertainment

The types of entertainment available to us today are vast. Books, movies, music, television, travel, art, culture, adventure; the list goes ever on. Whatever hobbies you enjoy essentially fall under the “entertainment” blanket in my mind. I enjoy my library of books and have subscriptions to both Netflix and Hulu. If my weekend isn’t full of chores and errands, you can usually find me sitting shotgun on a UTV ride. Don’t worry, I get to drive too. The fiancé just isn’t too fond of my style. In the summer, it’s the Saturday Market. In the winter, it’s baking. In the spring and fall, it’s dancing outside in the rain. You may even catch me playing a video game once in a while. And we try to take several trips throughout the year. All of these things feed my soul and bring me joy.

Ei Panem et Circenses

If it brings you joy, or peace, or just keeps your mind engaged and your sanity in balance, then it is a vital part of life. This is why I wanted my blog to be a Lifestyle blog. Food alone, while preeminent, is not enough to bring complete fulfillment in life. You have to feed more than just your body. And while food is one of my favorite things, I am passionate about so many things that I couldn’t bring myself to write about just one. So that is why my blog is called Ei Panem et Circenses: Her Bread and Circuses. These are the things that are sustenance to me. And if we share any similar interests, I hope you stick around so we can enjoy them together.



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