Hello! And welcome to my new blog.

My name is Whitney. I am 29 years old and I live in Nampa, Idaho. I am mom to Sora, a rambunctious black lab, and fiancé to Pat, a gamer IT nerd with a wicked sense of humor. I am a self-proclaimed chef and baker, a tea connoisseur, a closet fashionista, and I dream of traveling the world.

The primary thing you will find on this blog is recipes. I love to cook and bake. The kitchen is my favorite room and I believe the soul of the house; the rest of my home can be a disaster but all is well in the world if the kitchen is clean. I grew up in the kitchen and am always looking for new recipes.

Recently I have experienced two major dietary changes, or restrictions; one voluntary, the other not so much. First, I developed IBS. If you are familiar with this or have any experience with it, you know the primary way to combat it is with the FODMAP diet. This is the involuntary diet change. I happen to be very sensitive to fructose so I try to avoid high fructose/fructan foods. I also voluntarily decided to start following the Whole Food Plant Based diet. This diet cuts out all meat and animal-based foods, as well as processed foods. Luckily there are many vegan alternatives and substitutes out there, so you will see a lot of those on this blog. I love taking my favorite recipes and adapting them to my new lifestyle.

While food does make my world go ‘round, I don’t want it to be the only thing you find here. I’m considering this a Lifestyle blog, to include travel, fashion and beauty, discussion topics, life hacks, and fun discoveries. You will also see some wedding posts on this blog. I am about one year out from getting married and have lots to do. Wherever this blog takes me, I hope you enjoy it.

So, what shall we talk about first?





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Hello! I’m Whitney and this is my home for all things food and life.

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