"Who I am is always changing, not because I am being fake, but because I am always open to growth and transformation."
- Yung Pueblo

June Favorites

June has been a struggle my friends. Work is getting more and more exhausting. Not for the same reasons things ran off track earlier in the year, and not in the same way. But it’s still been a struggle to get from Monday to Friday with some energy left over for the weekend. I have […]


Migraines – My Story

I remember very clearly my first memory of getting a migraine. I was 11, maybe, and it was a warm summer evening. My sister and I were at the home of the family that took care of us while my mom was in school getting her teaching degree. I remember laying down on the couch, […]


May Favorites

We’ve already covered that May came and went without saying a proper hello, so we won’t hash that out again. Needless to say, it’s Favorites time again. And I have some good ones for you! In May I stumbled upon 2 new YouTube channels that have helped rekindle my waning food/diet/wellness motivation. Just like everyone, […]